Prosthetic Care

The need for prosthetic treatment may come as the result of an anticipated event, a sudden accident or injury or due to a variety of other circumstances.  Whatever the reason Peak Prosthetics is here to assist you by answering your questions and educating you in our treatment practices.  The links below are a comprehensive view of how we operate to meet the needs of all patients, regardless of what brought them to our door.



Getting a new prosthesis or even having minor modifications or adjustments made to your device should not be a complicated process.  At Peak Prosthetics one of our goals, it to make this process as easy and transparent as possible.  Whether your circumstances prescribe an anticipated amputation, recovery following amputation surgery, or you are searching for continued treatment, you may have many questions.  Will I be able to walk again? How expensive is a prosthesis? How long does the process take? Will I be able to walk normally?  Will I be able to drive? Peak Prosthetics is here to help answer these questions.  Each individual and family has a unique set of needs and circumstances.  Creating a treatment that specifically meets these needs will result in the best possible outcome.  We provide you with a free consultation to assist in determining the proper treatment, design, and cost prior to making important decisions.  We realize you may be making these decisions during an emotional and difficult time.  Our clinicians and staff do not attempt to downplay or avoid the emotional aspects of helping a patient adjust to this new way of life.  We will work with you to help understand the process and see the possibilities that lie ahead.  Our experienced clinicians will provide the much-needed clarity during this trying time.

Upper Extremity


Lower Extremity